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Safety technology

  • Maximum safety (SECUMAX)

    Concealed blade: The blade is not open, rather concealed, shielded from both people and goods alike. Giving you a maximum degree of safety from cut injuries whilst cleverly protecting your goods.

  • Very high safety (SECUPRO)

    Fully automatic blade retraction: The "intelligent" cutting tool: as soon as the blade leaves the cutting material, it withdraws automatically into the handle. Even when you keep on pressing the slider or the handle.

  • High safety (SECUNORM)

    Automatic blade retraction: Thumbs up for a high degree of safety. As soon as you start cutting, let go of the slider. The blade will disappear into the handle the moment it loses contact with the material being cut.


  • Particularly ergonomic

    If a cutting tool has been designed so that it is especially pleasant to hold it. As a result, you can work particularly long without any fatigue.

  • Ergonomic

    If a cutting tool has been designed so that it is pleasant to hold it. Consequently, you can work longer without any fatigue.

Blade change

Abrasion properties

  • Very abrasion resistant

    Because the handle is made of metal - or reinforced by a metal cap at the front.

  • Abrasion resistant

    Due to especially abrasion-resistant plastic or additional metal plate at the front of the handle.

  • Normal abrasion

    Because the knife is made of standard plastic designed for normal use.

Blade activation

  • Squeeze lever

    With an easily movable lever at the bottom of the handle which allows you to work less tiresome.

  • Triple-sided slider

    Operation via thumb. For right and left handers, with an additional slider at the top of the handle.

  • Double-sided slider

    Operation via thumb. For right and left handers.

  • Single-sided slider

    Operation via thumb. The slider is placed only at one side of the knife - depending on the product the blade can be turned around and thus the knife can be used by right and left handers.

Technical features

  • GS-certified

    Equipped with a GS certificate for certified safety.

  • For right and left handers

    Cutting tool suitable for all users.

  • Safety lock

    Prevents the blade from falling off the handle unintentionally.

  • Lanyard hole

    Lanyard or strap hole at the end of the handle.

  • Metal detectable

    Knives made of metal detectable plastic, which can be tracked down by your detector.

  • Soft-grip

    The soft plastic layer that makes the handle and movable parts like the slider particularly resistant to slipping.

  • Tape splitter

    An additional part of the knife to split adhesive tape quickly and easily. Made of plastic or metal.

  • Spare blade in handle

    Emergency reserve, in addition to the mounted blade, a spare blade can be stored in the handle.

  • Full metal

    In case the cutting tool is completely made of metal.

  • Non-corrosive

    Handle suitable for cutting work in humid conditions as well.

  • Heavy-duty

    Robust cutting tool, in particular suitable for especially tough applications and strong materials.

Blade characteristics

Blade shape

  • rounded blade tips

    Rounded blade tips for even better protection against cut related injuries.

  • Hook blade

    Blade with hook form. Often 2-times usable. Suitable in particular for specific materials (e.g. carpets) and applications (e.g. slabbing).

  • Rectangular blade

    Rectangular blade, 2-times or even 4-times usable. Usually or scrapers or knives with a lower cutting depth.

  • Styropor blade

    Long and flexible blade for larger cutting depths.

  • Trapezoid blade

    2-times usable blade with trapezoid form for all common cutting work.

  • Other