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The internet system operates in the form of a decentralized network combine featuring a hold-and-transfer function for temporary data and information files. In view of the complex internet system structure, it is presently impossible to give any guarantee for the preclusion of manipulations, inadvertent falsification, use of current data and information (for example obsolete data and information versions left in the cache memory, etc.) along the supplier-consumer transmission path!

MARTOR are, therefore, highlighting these system-inherent restrictions and risks by way of the following warning note: "Reception of this data and information is subject to the prevailing internet system operating conditions, i.e. MARTOR cannot accept any liability for the contents of and/or the conformance with the original data and information involved!”.

The contents of our pages have been compiled with greatest possible care without, however, extending any sort of guarantee for the correctness, completeness and actuality. Being service providers, in keeping with applicable German legislation and relevant rules and regulations, we are held responsible for the textual contents of our internet pages without, however, being compelled to control and/or monitor data and information received from outside and/or obtained from memory-based sources, nor to investigate details of such data and information for unlawful activities and/or intentions- Unaffected by the aforesaid are our responsibilities to eliminate and/or stopping the use of any such data and information. Liabilities in this respect shall not become acceptable until such time and date that an unlawful background is established and made public, upon which we will eliminate such textual contents forthwith.

Our presentation includes links to external third party web pages, the contents of which are outside of our control and, therefore, not subject to any guarantee on our part, i.e. the textual contents of such reference-linked pages are the sole responsibility of their originators. Moreover, any such reference-linked page has been duly screened for possible unlawful activities and/or intentions at the time of installation of the reference-link which, in turn, follows that nothing abnormal was detected. It should be noted here and now that a permanent supervision of the textual contents of said reference-linked pages cannot be reasonably expected unless there exist concrete evidence of infringement, upon discovery of which we will eliminate such reference-links forthwith.

MARTOR are always endeavouring to comply with the copyrights of any third party and/or to rely on own and/or other works not subject to any copyright and/or licensing rights. It should be noted here and now that any textual contents and/or works solely originated by MARTOR are subject to German COPYRIGHT provisions whereas contributions of and/or by any third party are duly identified as such. Any reproduction, duplication, utilization and/or circulation (e.g. electronic data processing, data media, data networks, etc.) require the prior and written approval of the author, originator and/or source concerned. Downloads and/or reproduction of the pages involved are permitted for private use only, whereas any commercial use is strictly prohibited! MARTOR do not accept any liability for typographical errors and/or the correctness of any entry whatever. Normally protected data (e.g. name, address, E-Mail addressing, etc.), as may be shown on our pages, is usually based on personal approval. The utilization of presentations and services is usually possible without disclosure of personal data. The provisions set forth in the compulsory "imprint" duty (i.e. edited and published by — data) axe hereby expressly objected to in as far as such data is misused for addressing uninvited advertising and informative material, towards which end MARTOR reserve the right to prosecute originators of any such material and/or relevant spam mail.