MARTOR is the international brand that combines efficient cutting and work safety like no other manufacturer. We do this by focusing on the essentials: on you and your needs, making things easier for you and giving you added value. Our brand identity also means never standing still on innovation and quality standards. We aim to impress – with high-quality products, unique services and a unified brand look. Our mission, to make the world of work safer, is also reflected in our new slogan: THE SAFER WAY TO CUT.


MARTOR's outstanding quality and customer focus is embodied in a distinctive brand look, characterised by clear lines, bold forms and consistent colours. A good example is our logo. The truncated “a” gives a first impression of our business: professional cutting solutions to increase work efficiency and safety in the workplace.


MARTOR’s high-quality knives generally come in silver and black. MARTOR cyan is often used to enhance intuitive operation and thereby contribute to work efficiency and safety. For example, cyan indicates the operating elements for extending the blade and for easy and safe blade changing. Common to all product families – and also design-defining – are excellent ergonomics and high-quality materials. This means that our products are not only instantly appealing but will also prove to be especially reliable and long-lasting – particularly for high-frequency cutting tasks which other products are often incapable of performing.


MARTOR has the right cutting tool for any task. For example, safety knives: All product names start with a group name that provides information on the safety technology and thus on the degree of work safety: SECUMAX, SECUPRO, SECUNORM and SECUBASE.


Pictograms are a further feature to enable users to familiarise themselves even faster with our products. We have allocated pictograms to all our cutting tools to provide information on 1. technical characteristics, 2. main cutting materials, 3. accessories and 4. services. Ideal to use for quick product comparisons. By the way: The four icons shown are just a small selection from our pictogram system.