A high risk, especially for companies within the food and pharmaceutical industry: Contaminants entering the production process can lead to serious damage to machines, product recalls and, at worst, injuries to customers. The result: high costs and a potential loss of image that should not be underestimated.

For this reason, we have developed cutting tools made of metal detectable plastic (MDP knives). Ideal for all staff working in highly sensitive areas, especially when manual cutting in or nearby the production area.

Because our MDP knives and even small parts thereof can be traced by your metal detectors, and special X-ray machines which meanwhile many companies use additionally. Therefore, there is hardly any risk that contaminated products will leave your production site causing serious cost implications.


In many aspects, our metal detectable safety knives are identical to the non-MDP equivalent models. As part of the personal protective equipment, they are equipped with the same proven safety technology for the reduction of laceration injuries and are suitable for the same cutting materials.

What is the difference, however? For example, our MDP knives are always un-lacquered in order to eliminate coloured chippings. Moreover, we use a particular high-quality plastic we have developed together with a professional partner from the plastics industry. Its detectability has proven itself in daily practice with countless customers.

All MDP safety knives at a glance.

The detectability of knives, parts and particles always depends on the quality and settings of your detectors on site. In order to calibrate those as precisely as possible, we recommend our MDP test cards. It is suggested that an appropriate MDP test card is put through your detectors before an investment in MARTOR MDP safety knives in order to check their sensitivity and after at regular intervals.

The MDP test card set consists of 5 cards, each of them containing a small ball with a different size (ranging from 2.5 to 8 mm in diameter).

Our MDP test cards.


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Large companies like Iglo GmbH have been working for years with metal detectable safety knives (industrial knives, box cutters and film cutters) from MARTOR. In this video, the Head of Quality Management of the food manufacturer explains why. Also in the video, there is some valuable information on the current MDP-series from MARTOR and how the test cards and detectors interact.

In case you are interested in our MDP safety knives or have questions concerning this topic please directly contact our sales staff.

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