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Blade shape

  • Graphic blade

    Pointed blade which is suitable for particularly detailed cutting work. Handle often rounded.

  • Hook blade

    Blade with hook form. Often 2-times usable. Suitable in particular for specific materials (e.g. carpets) and applications (e.g. slabbing).

  • Rectangular blade

    Rectangular blade, 2-times or even 4-times usable. Usually or scrapers or knives with a lower cutting depth.

  • Scalpel blade

    Pointed or rounded blade which is suitable for detailed cutting work. Handle often flattended.

  • Snap-off-blade

    Long blade consisting of several segments. In order to to cut with full sharpness consistently, please break off the front part of the blade regularly.

  • Strip steel blade

    Long rectangular solid blade. Can be tailor-made according to your length specifications.

  • Styropor blade

    Long and flexible blade for larger cutting depths.

  • Toothed blade

    Blade equipped with sharp teeth, ideal for saw cuts through specially durable material.

  • Trapezoid blade

    2-times usable blade with trapezoid form for all common cutting work.

  • Other

Refinement/ Version

Safety feature

  • rounded blade tips

    Rounded blade tips for even better protection against cut related injuries.


Blade facets

  • Double bevel edge-ground

    In case there are two bevels within the cutting of the blade it is called double bevel edge-ground.

  • Single bevel edge-ground

    In case the cutting edge consists of an even surface without any bevels it is called a single bevel edge-ground.

  • Single/Double bevel edge-ground

    Special blades with different cutting edges which are either equipped with single or with double bevel edge-ground.