The SECUMAX 350 is once again a proof for MARTORs innovational strength in the segment of safety knives. Its highlights are the new blade head with concealed blade and the ergonomic handle incl. non-slip soft grip.

MARTOR KG is the leading international partner for safe cutting solutions. The Solingen-based family company has been associated with innovation in the manufacture of premium cutting tools for industrial and professional purposes for more than 70 years.

The latest example is the SECUMAX 350. The SECUMAX 350 is a reusable knife for professional users, in which versatility, comfort and safety go hand in hand. Its fresh design with the cyan-coloured operating elements is also striking. The “new look” is one of the features which will characterise the company and its products in the future.

The versatile SECUMAX 350

The SECUMAX 350 is particularly multi-talented, and you can use it to cut all common materials with ease, from foils to plastic strapping to two-layer cardboard. You use the part of the blade which is concealed for cutting, and the outer, unsharpened parts of the blade are suitable for slitting open adhesive tape on boxes. The non-abrasive plastic steels the safety knife for high cutting frequencies over extended periods of time. 

The comfortable SECUMAX 350

The SECUMAX 350 fits so well in your hand that you won’t want to put it down. The ergonomic shape is combined with a low weight of just 37g and a large number of soft grip elements integrated into the handle right where your thumbs, your fingers and your palms are. This results in a pleasant gripping experience and optimal non-slip qualities, even for harder uses.

But “comfort” is even more multi-faceted in the SECUMAX 350: taking the innovative cartridge out and turning it so that its second cutting edge is visible is child’s play. Or you can simply take the replacement blade out of the cyan-coloured blade magazine, and you’ll be ready to go again in the blink of an eye. This is both practical for the user and economically sensible for the employer.

The safe SECUMAX 350

“SECUMAX” is a part of the name which MARTOR will use in the future to identity its cutting tools with concealed blades. In other words, the blade is so well covered that it does not come too close to the user or to the packaged goods when cutting. “SECUMAX” therefore stands for “the highest level of safety”. But the SECUMAX 350 scores in other places with its pronounced user protection: since the blade it injected into the cartridge, there is no risk that you will injure yourself on a sharp edge when you pick the knife up.

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