It will celebrate its official launch at the A+A 2015 trade fair in Düsseldorf – the new double-lock squeeze-grip SECUPRO 625 knife from Solingen. Its claim is clear: premium. It boasts features including a truly high quality aluminium grip, a large cutting depth and fully automatic blade retraction to protect you from cutting injuries.

In keeping with MARTOR’s A+A motto (“Simply better…”) the SECUPRO 625 stands out in so many ways.

Simply more design.

The new SECUPRO 625 underlines the claim of MARTOR to build not only functional and efficient, but also elegant cutting tools.  A design line, which is apparently attractive: The SECUPRO 625 has just  been distinguished by the Frankfurt “German Design Council” with the German Design Award 2016.

Simply more performance.

As you can see and feel, the handle is made of high-quality aluminium with a slip-free soft grip on the back of the knife. The blade is released using the long, powerful lever on the bottom. Because of its rugged yet very ergonomic design, the SECUPRO 625 is the cutting tool of choice for “heavy-duty users”: people who want to be well prepared for frequent cutting and challenging materials. For example, the long blade extension of 25 mm is ready for up to 3-ply cardboard, rubber, rolled goods, foils, bagged goods, PVC and much more.

Simply more safety.

The fully automatic blade retraction ensures retractions to its secure position immediately after cutting – without any action by the user, who can even keep the lever pressed. This feature is what earns the knife its name SECUPRO = very high safety. In addition there is a safety device in place at the back of the handle. This feature can be used to lock the lever to prevent inadvertent extension of the blade.

Simply more comfort. 

Changing the blade is simple and quick. You don’t need to open the handle, since the used blade is actually directly “offered up” using the blade change button and the lever so you can remove it effortlessly. Since each blade can be used from two sides, you simply need to turn it over and put it back in place. Or take advantage of the wide range of optional blades to expand your applications for your safety knife. Just as convenient: the MARTOR training and instructions guide, which are available for all cutting jobs after your purchase.

With the SECUPRO 625, you will always have at hand a high-end tool that is guaranteed to get you through thick and thin even longer.

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