Whether you're working on a drilling rig or large construction site, in a chemical factory or in waste disposal, flexible big bags are being used in an increasing number of industries. In order to cut these open safely, MARTOR has cooperated with the German branch of ExxonMobil to develop the world's first professional big bag cutter.

“In many companies, the handling of big bags continues to be an adventurous undertaking”, Andreas Kieper, Head of Global Sales of MARTOR KG Solingen, says. In order to open the suspended bags, employees often stand in the danger zone underneath the big bag and use suboptimal tools. In case the big bags fall down, they are at worst risking their lives, but definitely risking  injuries to their arms, head and body as soon as the contents of the bag, which may weigh many tons, spills out and drops to the floor or into the bottom of the hopper. 

Kai-Uwe Voigt, Safety Leadman of ExxonMobil Production Deutschland GmbH, describes the situation as follows: “Until now, big bags have been cut open with self-made tools or conventional kitchen knives. Also cutters with snap-off blades have been used. We have realized that this is too dangerous for the user in the long run and that ergonomics has not been considered.” 

As he could not find any solution in the market, Kai-Uwe Voigt finally approached MARTOR and asked them to develop a suitable professional cutting tool. And the Solingen company delivered.

The new SECUNORM 590 by MARTOR is the world's first safety knife to cut open big bags safely. Kai-Uwe Voigt summarizes the advantages as follows: ”A particularly long handle to enable the cut from a safe distance. The automatic blade retraction which prevents that users get hurt by the blade. And the robust, weather and dust resistant construction, as it has to function under extreme conditions as well.”

Also practical: If necessary, key components like the stainless steel blade or the dirt control device of the cutting head can be quickly replaced by the user himself. They are included as spare parts with the big bag cutter, as is the wall mount and the weatherproof instructions.

The safety knife with a length of one metre has now proven its worth on ExxonMobil oil rigs. “The first orders, however, show that the SECUNORM 590 finds its supporters and users in many other areas as well”, states Andreas Kieper from MARTOR. 

Conclusion: The new SECUNORM 590 is primarily recommended in those countless industries in which big bags are used. But the knife with the long handle is also suitable for many cutting works which are otherwise out of reach of the user. In any case: occupational safety is improved significantly.

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