The world’s first safety knife with a blade extension of almost 8 cm. The first professional big bag cutter with a 1 meter long handle. And the world premiere of a double-lock squeeze-lever knife in which ruggedness and ergonomics, cutting performance and safety go hand-in-hand. These are just three of the highlights that MARTOR is presenting under the motto “Simply better…” at the A+A 2015 trade fair.

Premiering at the A+A. The new SECUPRO 625.

You can experience the new SECUPRO 625 from MARTOR for the very first time at the A+A 2015. As a premium cutting tool, the SECUPRO 625 sets itself apart among ergonomic squeeze-lever knives. Its cutting depth that is unusual in this field of more than 20 mm combines with the fully automatic blade retraction to protect from cutting injuries. Made of aluminium and featuring a long and powerful lever to release the blade, this cutter is ideal for extreme demands, high cutting frequency and materials with a wide range of thicknesses and textures. And: the SECUPRO 625 has been presented with the German Design Award 2016 even before its official launch at the A+A.

Like a cutter, only safer. The SECUNORM 380.

The new SECUNORM 380 is the world’s first safety knife to feature a blade extension of  almost 8 cm and automatic blade retraction. After receiving the Red Dot Design Award 2015, it is now also recognized with the German Design Award 2016. Thanks to the enormous blade extension, the ergonomic SECUNORM 380 is ideal not only for 4-ply cardboard, bagged goods and all types of foils, but also for especially thick materials such as foam, polystyrene, insulation wool and building expansion foam. Also, certain types of cut, such as slicing of paper webs and separation of the end covers on paper rolls can be carried out easily.

Cutting from a safe distance. The SECUNORM 590.

The SECUNORM 590 big bag cutter owes its origins to the close collaboration between MARTOR and the Germany company ExxonMobil, which was seeking a professional cutting tool for its drilling rigs to be used for safely cutting open flexible bulk material bags. The unique SECUNORM 590 is equipped with a one metre long handle to enable cutting from a safe distance: big bags, but also many other materials that otherwise would be out of the user’s reach. Thanks to the robust design that is both weather and dust resistant, it continues to work reliably even under the most adverse conditions. The exceptional SECUNORM 590 has earned MARTOR yet another German Design Award 2016.

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