The German Design Award is one of the world’s most important international design awards and together with the red dot award is the highest accolade for product design awarded on German soil. MARTOR had four products in the running …. and won four times over!

The SECUPRO 625, SECUNORM 380, SECUNORM 590 and the SECUMAX 350 have been distinguished by the Frankfurt German Design Council with the German Design Award 2016. The Council praised the newest safety knives from Solingen for their exceptional combination of aesthetics and functionality.

The MARTOR products were winners in the Workshop and Tools category – one of ten product design categories in each of which a single Gold Award and 15 winner awards are announced. This meant MARTOR secured the title for four of the 16 awarded in the tools category.

For the premium SECUPRO 625 squeeze-lever knife currently being introduced at the A+A 2015 trade fair and the exception SECUNORM 590 big bag cutter, this is the first prestigious awards in the design field. The SECUNORM 380, the world’s first safety knife with a blade extension of almost 8 cm, is already the recipient of the red dot Design Award 2015. The innovative SECUMAX 350 with its concealed blade took home all the prizes: before the German Design Award 2016 and the red dot Design Award 2015, it had already received the pro-k Award 2015.

More than 3400 submissions from a wide range of industries and a look at the 2016 list of applicants shows just how coveted the German Design Award is: Rolf Benz, Rosenthal, Wero, Osram, Weber (Grill), Vaillant, Volvo, Tupperware, T-Systems and Sigg, to mention just a few. Moreover, recipients in the past few years include names such as Porsche, Braun, WMF, BMW, Bosch and Audi.

The German Design Award will be conferred in mid-February 2016 at Frankfurt’s “Ambiente”, the world’s largest consumer goods fair.