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  • Ergonomic

    If a cutting tool has been designed so that it is pleasant to hold it. Consequently, you can work longer without any fatigue.

Blade change

Blade retraction

  • Fixed blade

    This means that the blade cannot be pushed back into the handle.

  • Blade retractable

    This means that you can manually retract the blade into the handle to store it safely.

Basic material

Technical features

  • For right and left handers

    Cutting tool suitable for all users.

  • Safety lock

    Prevents the blade from falling off the handle unintentionally.

  • Lanyard hole

    Lanyard or strap hole at the end of the handle.

  • Metal detectable

    Knives made of metal detectable plastic, which can be tracked down by your detector.

  • Protection cap

    Equipped with an additional blade cover so that the user can transport it safely and lay it down safely.

  • Spare blade in handle

    Emergency reserve, in addition to the mounted blade, a spare blade can be stored in the handle.

  • Full metal

    In case the cutting tool is completely made of metal.

  • Foldable for storage

    Similiar to a pocket knife with which you can also extend or retract the blade.

Blade characteristics

Blade shape

  • Hook blade

    Blade with hook form. Often 2-times usable. Suitable in particular for specific materials (e.g. carpets) and applications (e.g. slabbing).

  • Snap-off-blade

    Long blade consisting of several segments. In order to to cut with full sharpness consistently, please break off the front part of the blade regularly.

  • Styropor blade

    Long and flexible blade for larger cutting depths.

  • Trapezoid blade

    2-times usable blade with trapezoid form for all common cutting work.