The SECUNORM 610 XDR is the first universal bag opener that cuts both efficiently and safely. It can be used to open bags of any type and thickness regardless of how dusty, grainy or sticky the bag contents are. The world’s new innovation has already undergone several weeks of successful testing at well-known MARTOR customers including the paint and colour specialists MIPA and BRILLUX, as well as UNIFERM, manufacturers of baking ingredients.

The SECUNORM 610 XDR was unveiled to trade visitors at the end of October at the A+A 2023 trade fair in Düsseldorf. XDR stands for ‘extra dirt resistant’, meaning the SECUNORM 610 XDR also performs under tough and demanding conditions. The safety blade retracts to protect users even after contact with dusty pigments, fine-grained granules or viscous liquids. “That was the challenge we set ourselves”, says Sylke Wendt, Head of Product Management at MARTOR in Solingen. “We wanted to develop a cutting tool that didn’t exist, a product that delivers maximum cutting performance and always fulfils its ‘safety mission’, even under extreme conditions.”

The SECUNORM 610 XDR gives businesses and users an extremely robust and highly ergonomic professional tool with a high-quality special blade and an impressive cutting depth of 32 mm. It is ideal for quick and safe cutting of everything from simple foil bags to multi-layer kraft paper with inliners. The Nuremberg IGR Institute for Health and Ergonomics has already acknowledged the safety knife’s outstanding ergonomics. The bag cutter also recently won the German Innovation Award 2024.

The SECUNORM 610 XDR has a special open design to fulfil its ‘safety mission’. “This ensures dust, dirt and other particles won’t become trapped inside and block the mechanism. The lever for releasing the blade and the blade carrier then always remain movable and ready for action”, said Sylke Wendt. Users can then be confident that the blade will always retract into the handle when they release the lever after cutting. Unlike conventional cutters where blades continue to protrude dangerously after cutting, the SECUNORM 610 XDR considerably minimises the risk of injuries.

When dirty, the SECUNORM 610 XDR is very easy to clean using compressed air, water, alcohol or acetone. However, a brush is often all that is needed. The innovative safety knife is also fully rustproof. The non-painted aluminium handle and all plastic parts are metal detectable, an important factor for sensitive industries.

The SECUNORM 610 XDR has not only been designed for paint and colour specialists such as MIPA and BRILLUX, or baking experts such as UNIFERM. Thanks to its uniqueness as a safe and efficient bag opener, it equally appeals to the chemical and food industries, as well as to the plastics processing industry and pharmaceutical, cosmetics and building materials sectors – in other words, wherever bags are being opened and the safety and health of employees is a top priority.

The new extra dirt resistant XDR family from MARTOR will be expanded in 2024. The holster designed for the SECUNORM 610 XDR will be available from Octobre.