In 1976, MARTOR launched the SECUNORM PROFI, the world's first TÜV-tested safety knife. The pioneer became a classic that set standards in work safety, robustness and ergonomics. MARTOR is now presenting a worthy successor to the SECUNORM PROFI: the new SECUNORM 500.

The family-owned company MARTOR from Solingen is one of the leading international manufacturers of safe cutting solutions – with partners and dealers in over 70 countries worldwide. As part of the 2018 MARTOR product offensive, the SECUNORM 500 is following in the footsteps of the SECUNORM PROFI. The new product has a modern, optimal design, evident from first impressions and in its details. It will be available from the end of September 2018 and, over an extended transition period, replaces not only its predecessor but also the SECUNORM PROFI25 and other members of the PROFI family.

The SECUNORM 500's newly designed, silver aluminium handle is particularly striking. The new handle shape sits perfectly in the hand, even during the most demanding and frequent cutting tasks. In contrast to the SECUNORM PROFI, the SECUNORM 500 has a double-sided, soft grip slider for much easier usage with either right or left hands. Blade changing has also been simplified and improved with a newly designed blade change button.

As a true universal knife, the new SECUNORM 500 is ideal for cutting all common cutting materials, from plastic strapping bands, film, bagged goods through to textiles and 3-ply cardboard. As soon as the cut is finished the proven automatic blade retraction protects users from workplace injuries. For those with special requirements concerning product protection, the SECUNORM 500 is also available with cutting depths of 9 or 5 mm as well as 17 mm.

Andreas Kieper, Head of Global Sales at MARTOR, is convinced: "This safety knife represents the beginning of a new era for us. We naturally want all PROFI users to join us, as the new SECUNORM 500 includes all the positive features of its famous predecessor".