People are creatures of habit – especially about the tools they use daily. When a successful tool is replaced, the successor must offer much more. And this is the case with the SECUMAX 320, the latest safety knife from MARTOR.

MARTOR in Solingen is one of the leading international manufacturers of safe cutting solutions, with partners and dealers in over 70 countries worldwide. The SECUMAX 320 is the first part of an exciting 2018/2019 product offensive and represents a new generation of specialist knives for plastic film cutting. It is the successor to the popular SECUMAX COMBI and will replace it after a transition phase.

The new SECUMAX 320 is ideal for cutting any type of plastic film, plastic strapping, etc. With a concealed blade, SECUMAX 320 users are assured of the highest standards of work safety. This means the blade neither injures users nor damages packaged goods.

The SECUMAX 320 makes an instant impression with its striking look. “Design isn’t an end in itself”, says Sandra Hoffmann, Head of Product Management and Development, “but is linked to specific purposes, both large and small”.

For the SECUMAX 320, this relates, for example, to the optimised ergonomics and functionality over its predecessor. The knife feels as if MARTOR has shaped it perfectly to fit the user’s hands. The new soft grip surface makes it much more comfortable to hold. Blade change has been greatly simplified.

MARTOR has also worked to fine-tune the knife to optimise cutting performance and robustness.

- The cutting channel behind the blade is formed so that the SECUMAX 320 clears away freshly cut material even faster. Less effort is required to complete the task.

- The nose of the knife used for piercing the cutting material and shielding the blade has been made much stronger.

- The deepedged ground blade and tape splitter are also new. The splitter has two optional depths (5 and 3.5 mm) to cut through packaging tape quickly and securely.

- The new deep edged blade still has the economic advantage of four cutting corners

“The new SECUMAX 320 represents a highly attractive safety knife and a modern alternative to the SECUMAX COMBI for distributors and end customers”, says Andreas Kieper, General Sales Manager at MARTOR. “But it is the users who ultimately decide so we have taken major steps forward regarding the SECUMAX 320’s cutting performance, comfort and handling”.

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