Among our safety knifes with automatic blade retraction, the SECUNORM MULTISAFE is a real classic. But even classics eventually begin to show their age. For this reason we are going to redesign the SECUNORM MULTISAFE thoroughly. Proven features will be preserved, but many aspects will be brought up to date – with tangible and visible benefits for the customer and user. The result: the new SECUNORM MULTISAFE is expected to replace its predecessor by May 2016 without any price increase!

First of all, what will stay the same? The material: zinc. The colour: black. The slider to release the blade, the article numbers, the accessories and, as mentioned, the price of the product.

Fresh design
The SECUNORM MULTISAFE is to receive a complete makeover, bringing it in line with MARTOR’s overall design concept. At the same time, this will improve ergonomics and handling for the user. In future, the cyan-coloured MARTOR logo will appear on the front side. The GS logo will be integrated in the product identification. This too will increase the product’s value.

Reduced weight
Due to innovative production processes we have reduced the weight of the cutting tool. The lighter product will allow the user to work for longer without suffering fatigue.

More robust
Reinforcement of the spring hook will provide an additional boost to the knife’s stability.

Improved blade change
We have moved the blade-changing screw from the back to the front. As a result, the internal parts stay where they belong when the knife is being opened. This makes the blade change easier and safer.

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