What do you do with the cutting tool when you don't need it? The new MARTOR BELT HOLSTERS provide the perfect solution. Available in small, medium and large, they hold a wide range of knives and scissors while also offering space for various other work utensils such as pens or replacement blades.

Safety when cutting  and transporting

With its safety knives and safety scissors, MARTOR has always set standards in the field of occupational health and safety. Since the safety aspect doesn't stop with the cutting but is also part of storage and transportation, MARTOR has expanded its product range to include three new BELT HOLSTERS.

Solid and flexible at the same time

All three space-saving miracles are tailored precisely to the contents they are intended to hold. This means they are solid enough to hold the cutting tools safely at all times and yet flexible enough to constantly re-adapt to new shapes.

The BELT HOLDERS are made of durable, washable nylon held together by double stitching. They can be attached to the belt or fixed to any other point on the work clothing by a clip or velcro. Their stability and the absence of pollutants has been confirmed by the Research and Testing Institute in Remscheid (Versuchs- und Prüfanstalt Remscheid, VPA).

Many combinations

Their major advantage is the large number of possible combinations. For example, the BELT HOLSTER L (215 mm long, 68 mm wide, 40 mm deep) has a spacious inside pocket with subdivisions, an outer pocket and two additional slots on the right and the left which the user can equip as required.

The BELT HOLSTER L is suitable for example for the new, particularly large premium squeeze-grip knife  SECUPRO 625 in the inside pocket, a blade magazine in the outer pocket and a pen and some MARTOR scissors in the two slits. Alternatively, several smaller to medium sized knives and potentially other items could be stowed in the inside and outside pockets.

Similarly easy to combine, just a little smaller are the BELT HOLSTER M (215 x 60 x 28 mm) and the BELT HOLSTER S (215 x 53 x 23 mm), which are also equipped with several compartments and slots.

Conclusion: professional users use BELT HOLSTERS to transport their cutting tools safely from A to B and always have them close to hand when they are needed.

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