You are familiar with MARTOR as one of the leading international manufacturers of safe and high-quality cutting tools.

In more than 75 years of company history, we have developed from being a supplier of work knives for the most diverse of purposes (cutter, scalpels, etc.) to becoming a global player in the field of modern safety knives.

We want to keep to this successful path and are therefore realigning our product strategy and sharpening our profile. In the future, we will be focussing even more closely on our core competence of "safe cutting", above all on our strengths in innovation and our services.

You can then look forward to future safety knives with top-class innovations. In 2018, for example, there will be four new product launches with a total of nine products and 33 variants. These new products will gradually replace their successful predecessors and have been optimized in terms of cutting performance, safety, comfort and design.

We are also carefully streamlining several product families to reduce redundant products while giving a better overview of the range.

This means that also in future you’ll be able to easily find the right premium quality safety knife for the multitude of cutting tasks.

In line with our product strategy, the range of cutting tools that do not fall into the safety knife category is to be reduced. But we will retain a small core range of cutters, scrapers, scalpels and deburrers for special requirements.

As you can see, rather than reinventing itself, MARTOR is focussing on the strengths which have taken it to the top over recent decades. We are concentrating on what we do best: developing products that cut efficiently and are particularly ergonomic and comfortable while also offering the highest standards of work safety.

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