MARTOR card knives represent a product family in the best sense of the term. The flexible paper and film specialists at first appear very similar. But on closer inspection small differences become evident that distinguish each card knife making them perfect for specific uses.

The Solingen-based company MARTOR has now relaunched its successful family of card knives. The family is made up of six products with a total of 21 variants. Consultancy services from the leading international manufacturer and supplier of safety knives include working with customers to find the most suitable solution.

What do all MARTOR card knives have in common?
As safety knives, they are equipped with concealed blades, the best possible safety technology. These guarantee protection to users and goods when cutting. All MARTOR card knives are thin and compact and highly flexible making them perfect for cutting in narrow gaps and tight curves. The card knives are disposable plastic knives, with fixed non-replaceable quality blades.

What's new?
A newly shaped finger recess means the card knives sit even more firmly and comfortably in either the right or left hand. Furthermore, all MARTOR card knives are now equipped with an eyelet for secure fastening and carrying.

What makes the six products unique?

The distinguishing feature of the SECUMAX POLYCUT is its extra-long and narrow knife nose, ideal to precisely pierce cutting material where you want.
Among the family, the SECUMAX PLASTICUT has the largest cutting depth of 4 mm and can therefore cut through several layers of film or paper.
The SECUMAX CARDYCUT (cyan) is particularly small and thin. Its ability to cut curves is especially appreciated in the automotive industry.
The SECUMAX CARDYCUT (transparent) is designed to be a little "stronger" than its namesake. Its transparency gives you visual control when cutting film and paper.
The knife nose of the SECUMAX TRENNEX is rounded at the front to prevent snagging, e.g. when cutting foam or coarse textiles.
The SECUMAX VISICUT is a letter opener and business card in one and therefore often branded by companies and used for promotional purposes.

Other plastics (e.g. metal detectable), other colours (e.g. black or white) and other installed blades (e.g. stainless steel) enable a wide variety with a total of 21 alternatives. All card knives can be found at

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