MARTOR, the market leader from Solingen, again demonstrates that even small safety knives can be very comfortable to use. Such as with the new SECUNORM 185. The modern stylised cutting tool with its high-quality steel handle comes with a range of features to make daily cutting tasks easier. The SECUNORM 185 is available with steel or ceramic blades.

MARTOR has designed the new SECUNORM 185 for any task requiring a light, compact and yet very robust safety knife. The SECUNORM 185 is especially good at opening pallets and boxes with maximum safety and efficiency, as well as for cutting film and strapping bands.

To protect users from cutting injuries, the SECUNORM 185 is equipped with automatic blade retraction. Releasing the double-sided slider after piercing the cutting material means the blade will retract instantly when exiting the material.

The SECUNORM 185 is an efficient knife in many respects. The stainless steel handle guarantees a long service life and makes it suitable for frequent cutting tasks as well as for tough use. The blade has four cutting edges that can be used one after the other. This makes economic and environmental sense. For extra long-lasting sharpness, we recommend using the SECUNORM 185 with pre-installed/optional CERAMIC BLADE NO. 92C. Its chemical and physical properties (such as non-rusting, non-conductive, non-oiled, etc.) further extend the SECUNORM 185's range of applications. Flexible switching between ceramic and steel blades according to need is possible, as both blade variants fit into the knife handle.

Blade changing is safe, efficient and user friendly. No tools nor dismantling of the knife is necessary. Simply hold down the blade change button and extract the slider together with the blade from the front. The blade is then accessible for turning or replacement. A built-in magnet also helps to hold steel blades in place.

The slider can be operated by left or right handers and, despite the knife's compact size, has a large surface area so that even safety glove wearers can operate it perfectly. And what about when the SECUNORM 185 is not in use? It won't get lost because it can be stored away using an eyelet that MARTOR found a place for in the handle.