Physical distancing is the top priority for the next several weeks. This applies both privately and at work. We at MARTOR are keeping personal contacts internally and externally to a minimum to protect our employees and business partners as much as possible. But we also want to keep providing you not only with high-quality cutting tools but also safe cutting services at the standards you expect from MARTOR. These services must be provided differently from before but should be no less individual and no less practical.

We have therefore set up MARTOR remote diagnostics, a contact-free consulting service for your ongoing cutting problems.

To contact the service, call T +49 212 73870-995 or send an email to The more information you provide on the cutting application or MARTOR knives in question, the better. Images and videos are also very welcome. Our staff in Solingen will register your query and pass it on to the technical consultant responsible who will then get in contact to discuss the problem with you.

The aim is to identify your cutting problem by remote diagnostics and recommend a suitable solution, which might be a specific MARTOR knife or just a specific handle. Video conferencing offers the best option for remote contact-free services.

Video conferencing can also be used as a distance learning tool, e.g. for new temporary workers at the company who are not yet familiar with your cutting applications and/or the MARTOR knives you use. Using the service will be a proactive way for you to reduce the risk of cutting accidents.

In the end, you benefit from contact-free consulting on several levels: individual assistance on efficient and safe cutting and no increase in the risk of infection.

+49 212 73870-0