In 1976, MARTOR launched the SECUNORM PROFI, the world's first TÜV-tested safety knife and the international breakthrough for the Solingen-based family business.

As part of its successful expansion, the knife manufacturer moved from downtown Solingen to Heider Hof 60 in Solingen-Gräfrath in the mid-1980s. Over 40 years and countless milestones in the field of safe cutting later, these premises have become too small.

"Two options were available to gain more space for the company. Completely new premises including relocation to Haan or extending the current premises and thereby remaining in Solingen", said Jan Hendricks, Managing Partner of MARTOR. He added: "My wife comes from Solingen and feels connected to the city. The company also has its roots here. So we decided to construct, on an adjacent site, a new building for production and much of the administration. In spring 2019 everything will be ready".

The new premises are to be connected via a passage to the existing building at the Heider Hof, which will continue to be used. Nevertheless, the new building means a change to MARTOR's address.

"Make a note of the new postal address now: Lindgesfeld 28 in 42653 Solingen. Our delivery address will remain Heider Hof 60 for some time until all departments have completed the planned relocation", said Jan Hendricks.

The installation of a new communications system also means new telephone numbers. The previous +49 212 25805-0 becomes +49 212 73870-0. The changeover will start at the beginning of October and should be completed by the end of the year.

With its new, expanded headquarters, MARTOR is primarily concerned with positioning itself as a pioneer and future-proof company. The new modern workplace gives employees an open, innovative working environment. Modernised production allows greater flexibility and more effective manufacturing processes. A showroom will also be available where interested companies can experience in a multitude of ways the MARTOR world of safe cutting.

Last but not least, opportunities are to be provided for companies to receive training specific to their needs: for example, on how to use MARTOR safety knives to further optimise work safety. Resellers can familiarise themselves with the details of MARTOR products and so target their sales with greater precision.

All in all, the new company headquarters represents what the MARTOR brand stands for: innovative, high-quality and customer-focussed solutions for all manual cutting needs.

+49 212 73870-0