MARTOR is the leading international brand for safe and efficient cutting. The importance to the Solingen-based family business of a strong brand image and close customer relations is also evident at the Company's headquarters in Solingen-Gräfrath: with the opening of its new MARTOR WORLD showroom.

The new MARTOR WORLD is the final piece in the administrative building project constructed in 2020. A 300 m² space that had been kept vacant for the showroom has now been fitted out in a spectacular fashion. On entering from the reception area you instantly see several metre-high picture frames standing side by side like in a gallery. Instead of paintings, they contain artfully arranged cutting materials such as cardboard, film and foam. If you go closer, you will hear a MARTOR safety knife whirring and rattling as it glides through the materials.

“Seeing, feeling and hearing... The MARTOR brand can be experienced here with all the senses”, is how Kerstin Göbel, Director Brand Management at MARTOR describes it. She led the large-scale project and realised it conceptually and creatively together with D'Art Design in Neuss and MARTOR Marketing Manager Jens Augustin.

The exhibition design features repeated references to industry, such as the cutting materials already mentioned, the metal pipes under the ceiling and the strip curtains partitioning the areas, thereby bringing MARTOR WORLD together with the customer’s (industrial) world.

At MARTOR, everything revolves around customers and their specific cutting needs. MARTOR has always matched its high-quality cutting tools to the needs of its customers. Consequently, high cutting frequencies of up to 5,000 cuts per day are possible and will not tire users, and excellent ergonomic design protects cutting professionals from any physical impairments over the long-term. The knives also feature highly effective safety technology to prevent cutting injuries and damage to goods.

Every detail counts in professional cutting. And these details take a prominent place in MARTOR WORLD. For example, at the three long, metal brand value tables with their historical exhibits and current-day innovations to take visitors on a thrilling journey of discovery. Touching is expressly permitted.

MARTOR WORLD is not only an exhibition, but also a training centre for safe and efficient cutting. A second spacious area is equipped with robust workbenches, which, together with the high racks at the walls, create a realistic work space. This is where visitors can select from a wide range of cutting materials and MARTOR safety knives and try them out, under guidance, as much as they like.

When MARTOR demonstrators are making the perfect cut, these get projected via cameras onto the huge wall monitor. Integrated webinar technology enables events to be streamed live on the internet. Training sessions and product demonstrations can then be broadcast far beyond those on site.

“We provide so much more than just a great product. MARTOR services are what create real added value for our customers. These services range from personal consultations and professional training through to integrated digitalisation, which we are driving forward with great enthusiasm in sales and everywhere else at MARTOR”, says Hauke Beermann, International Sales Manager, who has already planned a series of events in the showroom.

Another topic driving MARTOR forwards is sustainability. This is also reflected within the showroom. An eye-catcher here is the newly launched ‘ECO by MARTOR’ product series made of recycled plastic.

A lounge area rounds off any visit to the showroom, providing a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere in which to chat.

With its showroom, MARTOR has created a place far away from the stress of routine business and presents an impressive world of safe and efficient cutting. “We want to strengthen our brand, deepen customer relations and share knowledge”, is how Managing Director Daniel Otto sums it up.

MARTOR is therefore looking forward to many visitors from the region – and from all over the world.