Just in time for the packaging trade fair, FachPack 2016, the Solingen company MARTOR is bringing a new, extraordinary safety knife onto the market: the SECUMAX 145. Although it only weighs 12 grams, it is a “fully-fledged” cutting tool for professionals. Moreover, it acts as starter model into the MARTOR world of safe and efficient cutting.

Versatile and robust

MARTOR shows what is possible with only 12 grams: The SECUMAX 145 is a small, handy safety knife for everyday cutting work. It doesn’t just lend itself to the easy opening of 1-ply cardboard boxes, but also, for example, to the cutting of adhesive tape and all kinds of foils. Especially the blade head is so sleek that it glides through the cutting material with minimal effort. In spite of its small size, stability is not left behind: The plastic handle is reinforced with fibre glass, and also the 0.5-mm blade is very robust. The blade itself cannot be changed. Instead, the blade head provides the user with two cutting edges.

Safe in every way

Both cutting edges are so safely shielded that fingers, arms and the body are particularly reliably protected during work. That means that even if the user slips off during cutting, he is safe from cutting injury. But the concealed blade can do even more. Because, even if the goods packaged in the box or under the foil are touched by the blade head, damage is as good as impossible.

Optionally metal-detectable

For delicate industries, e.g. the pharmaceutical or food industry, MARTOR included the SECUMAX 145 in a metal-detectable variety in its range. So, should a piece of material from the SECUMAX 145 MPD get into the production process, it can be traced by the company’s own metal detectors – and then be removed.

For the implementation and optimal usage of the SECUMAX 145, MARTOR provides various media, such as product video, safety poster etc., and customer-specific services. More information at

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