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Acrylic Cutting Blades

All dimensions are approximate data!
  • Sicuri-Acryl-Blade No. 119

    SICURI-Blade fits MARTOR-Universal, Spezial and Flipcut

    length: 106.00 mm
    Width: 20.00 mm
    Material thickness: 0.80 mm
  • Sicuri-Acryl-Blade No. 790

    Sorry, but this item is no longer part of our product range. Possible alternatives can be found under the Product Details.

    length: 39.00 mm
    Width: 7.90 mm
    Material thickness: 0.50 mm
  • DURO No. 62

    length: 44.00 mm
    Width: 18.80 mm
    Material thickness: 0.50 mm