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Helmut Beermann

Helmut Beermann

The shortage of razor blades for supply to the German Armed Forces during World War II was a reason for Helmut Beermann, then 20 years of age, to register a "Razor Blade Commission Business" with trade license way back in 1940.

When US-Prisoner of War, Helmut Beermann saw a "utility knife" with replaceable blade for the first time in his life. He was fascinated with the idea and decided to launch a business along this line.

However, marketing of the starter models - as part of the MARTOR programme - was anything but successful during the 1950/60s, simply because people preferred conventional pocket knifes and kitchen knifes to cut whatever needed cutting.

The onset of the "do-it-yourself" hobby wave in the 1960s paved the ground towards improved sales, but it was not until 1976 that the major breakthrough was realized: MARTOR was the first company to introduce a SAFETY cutter with "automatic blade retract" on worldwide scale, namely the MARTOR-Profi, the original "GS - TESTED FOR SAFETY" by the German Safety Control Board TÜV.

Since then the main target of the company from Solingen is to support industrial customer with safety knives in means of a safer work place. In co-operation with industry and accident prevention associations a full range of safety knives has been developed.

Todate, MARTOR´s proud product balance totals 270 type and model versions along with well over 300 different blade configurations, all of which make MARTOR the undisputed market leader. But in particular to “The Safer Cuttings Experts” due to the series of TUV proven and certified models.